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Supporting our staff in and out of the range

Our very own Abby and Brooke participated in the Tactical Games and boy did they show out. They performed at their peak all while having to power through the intense heat. Read all about them and our other instructors here.

The event was held at the Severance Training Center in Conway Springs, Kansas. This is the first time the Tactical Games was held in Kansas. The facility was perfect for this type of event. The Tactical Games staff really know how to put on a great match.

The Tactical Games Kansas 2022 Regional Event

The Tactical Games is a series of challenges that tests the skills and readiness of tactical athletes of all backgrounds. Abby and Brooke participated in the Women’s Tactical Games which includes the following challenges:

  • Sub 11min/mile in Full Kit, or sub 9:15 mile slick
  • Ability to move a 125# bag (pull, drag, lift to waist height).
  • Ability to climb a rope in full kit.
  • Perform tasks with odd objects weighing 45-135# for a duration of 8-12 min consistently
  • Generally in good physical condition, and able to complete functional fitness workouts “RX”.
  • Red Dot sights allowed on pistols

The Tactical Division is based around distance/weights that are likely to be encountered in a LEO/MIL setting. This division is open to Civilians/LEO/MIL/Everyone but is intended to fill the gap between intermediate and Elite.

See the Tactical Games Kansas 2022 Regional Event results here.