Secure & Customized

Custom Holsters at Range 54

Range 54 carries all the popular brands of holsters in store – Crossbreed, Tagua, Rounded, and Blackhawk.  If you don’t find just the right holster on the shelf or our online shop; come see our line of Kydex holsters that are custom-molded to fit your specific firearm, right here at Range 54.

Kydex is crafted from a thermoplastic polymer that molds to the exact shape of your firearm.  Kydex molded precision offers excellent retention and adjustability to achieve a snug, secure fit for your firearm. Kydex has become a popular choice with firearm enthusiasts providing a high quality, minimal maintenance holster and is often less expensive than a leather or traditional nylon holster.


Don’t’ forget to get lots of practice with your gun and holster combo and consider the most comfortable placement for you. Practice at home with an empty firearm and on the range with live fire practice.  Practice drawing from various situations and positions and get familiar with the feel of your holster so that if the need arises to use your concealed weapon, you are ready.

Range 54 highly recommends taking a drawing from concealment or a Kansas conceal carry class to increase your knowledge and comfort to carry a concealed firearm.  Check out the variety of classes offered at Range54.