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Gift idea for someone interested in firearms

If you aren’t sure what to get someone for their birthday or special occasion, buy Range54’s Shooting Experience package. For $60 for 1 person you get a 1-hour lane, any rental gun, 1 box of ammo, 1 target, ear & eye protection – that’s a good deal!

Finding gifts for your loved ones and friends can be a real struggle but if you have someone who’s into shooting or is wanting to learn, this is the perfect gift for them.

The Shooting Experience for proficient shooters

Are you an experienced shooter looking to shoot different firearms? The Shooting Experience is the perfect chance to shoot one of our rental guns you’ve been wanting to try. Select any gun from our rental case and try out a new firearm to possibly add to your collection.

What do I need to bring when going to shoot at Range 54?

New to shooting and don’t know what all you need to shoot at Range 54? The Shooting Experience includes everything you need – no need to stress about what to bring. We have it all organized for you.

Our team of helpful experienced shooters are always wanting to make your life easier and to have a positive experience when coming to Range 54. We will answer any questions you may have, and we will even go out on the range with you one on one to assist you and make sure you are safely shooting a gun – if you need it.

Rental Guns at Range 54

With the Shooting Experience package, you get to rent any gun of your choice. This cost is already included in the package as well as ammo for the rental gun. We have a large selection of firearms. We have everything from .45 pistols to .22 LR Long Guns to a wide range of 9MM pistols. We’ve got it all! Read our full list of rental guns here.

What you need to know when you come shoot with us

If you’re purchasing the Shooting Experience for a new shooter, they do not need a membership to be able to enjoy our facility, we are an open range. But do keep in mind if you are buying the Shooting Experience for someone, they must be over the age of 10 to be able to shoot on our range. If they are under the age of 18, they must be with a parent or adult 21 years or older. Read our range rules before you come in.

When coming to shoot at Range 54, open-toed shoes or sandals are not allowed on the range. We also suggest to not wear low-cut shirts to prevent being burned by hot brass.

Premium shooting range in Wichita, Kansas

We are Wichita’s premium shooting range located on US Highway-54, one half block east of Edgemoor. We are the most technologically advanced indoor shooting range in Kansas. Whether you’re purchasing the Shooting Experience for a friend or even for yourself, we will get you taken care. Contact us if you have any questions.

Lock, stock, and barrel.

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