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Here at Range54 we want our community to know that we have strict guidelines when it comes to purchasing a gun. Not just anyone can walk in and purchase a firearm. We take our communities safety extremely seriously, so we want to make sure a weapon doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

The purchasing process is a multi-step process that’s not just a simple swipe of a debit card. A background check is conducted to see if you can legally have the firearm. If that comes back to us, we can sell the gun to the customer. If it’s delayed, the FBI wants to investigate that person further. If it’s denied, they can’t have a firearm at all.

We have the right to turn someone down if we don’t feel comfortable selling to them. With our teams experience they can tell when someone seems a bit suspicious and are probably buying a gun for the wrong reasons or for someone else. Not all potential customers walk away with a firearm.

Our team looks out for different signs to make sure we feel comfortable going through with selling a gun to a customer.

This interview has our team talk about what those different signs are, why they are important and more insight on our safety protocols.

Watch here:

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