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September marks Suicide Prevention Month, and it’s a time to raise awareness about an issue that affects countless lives. We believe that coming together as a community can make a significant impact, and today, we want to shed light on a program that’s dedicated to saving lives: Hold My Guns.

At the heart of the Hold My Guns (HMG) initiative is a commitment to safety, responsibility, and supporting gun owners during various life situations. It’s important to emphasize that HMG’s Storage Partners never inquire why firearms are being stored. Their primary focus is on assisting gun owners by offering voluntary storage for firearms, nonserialized parts, and accessories. This includes essentials like gun lock keys.

The versatile services provided by HMG come into play during a multitude of circumstances. Whether you’re a military service member facing deployment, away from home for an extended period, or navigating the sale of a house, HMG is here to lend a helping hand. Their program also extends its support to situations where there may be at-risk individuals in the household, such as foster children. It’s an understanding that not everyone has access to friends or family who can securely store firearms, whether due to legal constraints or logistical challenges. HMG fills this void, ensuring that firearm owners have a safe and responsible option for temporary storage.

HMG’s Mission: Saving Lives, Protecting Property, and Preserving Rights

Hold My Guns is on a mission that resonates deeply with responsible firearm ownership. Their commitment to saving lives is intertwined with safeguarding property and preserving the rights of gun owners. It’s a holistic approach that reflects the values of responsible gun ownership.

In a time when firearm sales are on the rise, responsible storage is more crucial than ever. Alongside the surge in firearm purchases, safety equipment and storage options have garnered increased attention. Hold My Guns is at the forefront of this conversation, providing a solution that ensures both safety and convenience for firearm owners.

Range 54 Firearm Storage

We are proud partners of the Hold My Guns program. Come to Range 54 at 5725 E Kellogg Dr, Wichita, KS 67218 and we will safely and securely store your firearm for you.

Whatever the reason, you will NOT be asked, we are here to assist in your voluntary firearm storage needs. Range 54 offers this service for a small fee of $10 per gun initially for intake and then $5 per week.

If you want to learn more about the Hold My Guns program and support their vital work, please visit their website at Together, we can make a difference during Suicide Prevention Month and beyond, ensuring that responsible firearm ownership and safety go hand in hand.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Website/Online Chat) 1-800-273-8255
Veterans Crisis Line (Website/Online Chat) 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 for Veterans, Service Members and Family Members